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General Information

Kern Legacy Classic Choice is the County's oldest self-insured employee/retiree medical plan option with Nationwide coverage. This medical plan option has an In-Network benefit with no deductible, low copays, and utilizes the Anthem Blue Cross Provider Network and an Out-of-Network benefit with a $200 deductible and a 70% usual and customary coverage.

Plan administrators are:

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Claims Submission

  • Provider Portal

    Visit the HealthEdge Administrators website to view processed claims and print EOBs (copies of EOBs will be mailed with checks to providers).

  • Electronic Submission

    Claims may be submitted electronically to Anthem Blue Cross. Use Payor ID 47198.

  • Paper Claims

    Claims can also be submitted via traditional paper claim to:

    Anthem Blue Cross
    P.O. Box 60007
    Los Angeles, CA 90060-0007